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The medical facility you choose for your treatment procedure can majorly impact how it goes and the ensuing recovery process. Simply put, the facility you choose for your medical treatment will define your experience throughout the procedure and your stay there. This is particularly vital in the case of bariatric treatment procedures.

Patients going through weight loss transformation require special care given by professional, experienced staff in fully equipped facilities that can cater to all their needs. Dr. Jorge Green understands the special needs of his patients on a personal level, which is why he recommends the top medical facility for bariatric procedures in Mexico, CER Bariatric Hospital.

Built on American Hospital Standards and Guidelines, CER Bariatric Hospital (also known as SER Bariatric Hospital) is one of the best medical facilities you can choose for your weight loss transformation procedure. Its highly trained and friendly staff, technologically advanced operation theaters, fully equipped state-of-the-art recovery rooms, and extra facilities such as transportation and 24/7 professional care will ensure you get the best possible experience throughout your whole treatment.  

Let’s learn more about CER Bariatric Hospital, its credentials, the facilities provided, and why you should choose CER for your bariatric procedure.

Credentials and Facilities

CER Bariatric Hospital is a one-of-a-kind medical facility that houses three high-tech operation theaters, imaging studies, a pharmacy, a cafeteria, and 24 luxurious recovery suites. The Hospital is located in the heart of the business district Zona Rio, Tijuana in Mexico. Its convenient location is near all the local sightseeing spots, multiple 4 and 5-star restaurants, the US-Mexico border, and, more importantly, it is situated near the San Diego International Airport, all for the patients’ convenience. 

In 2020, CER Bariatric Treatment Center received acknowledgment from the Secretariat of Sustainable Economy and Tourism of Baja California for Medical and Wellness Tourism. It is built on international hospital standards and follows the American Hospital Guidelines. Currently, the hospital is in the process of authorization by the General Health Council and other international certifications.


Benefits of Opting for Treatment at CER Bariatric Hospital

Let’s look at some benefits of opting for treatment at CER Bariatric Hospital.

#1. A State-of-the-Art Medical Facility

First and foremost, CER Hospital is a state-of-the-art health center equipped with the latest medical technology, which helps ensure that the patients receive the best treatment. This also aids in minimizing the risks of complications during the actual procedure.

#2. Highly Trained and Friendly Staff

CER Hospital boasts of having highly trained, professional, and, most importantly, friendly staff, which patiently listens to their patients’ requests. They will ensure that your stay is as comfortable as possible.

#3. Based on Strict Standards

As discussed earlier, CER is based on strict international hospital standards. The facility follows all American Hospital Standards and Guidelines and has been recognized as a credible medical and wellness tourism center.

#4. Patient Coordinators

One of the best facilities CER provides is patient coordinators. Upon your arrival at CER Hospital, you will be assigned a patient coordinator who will welcome you and guide you throughout your treatment.

#5. Personalized Care and Attention

The staff at CER Bariatric Hospital provides personalized care and attention to all their patients, based on their needs, to make them feel as comfortable as possible.

#6. Cafeteria and Food Services

CER Hospital has its own cafeteria and food services offering homemade, healthy dishes.

#7. 24/7 Medical Assistance

24/7 professional medical assistance is provided to every patient to ensure speedy recovery.

#8. Transportation Facility

CER Hospital also provides transportation facilities. Upon arriving at San Diego International Airport, one of our professional drivers is waiting to welcome you.

#9. Personalized Quote

Where most medical facilities only handle fixed quotes, we offer personalized quotes tailored to you.

#10. Luxury Recovery Suits

CER Hospital offers luxury recovery suits to ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible during your recovery process.

CER Hospital: A Recognized Bariatric Treatment Facility

Are you ready to start your transformation journey with Dr. Jorge Green at CER Bariatric Hospital? You can learn more by visiting our official website, find out how the procedure works, and book your treatment immediately with a personalized quote. CER Bariatric Hospital will leave no stone unturned to make you feel as comfortable as possible, and hopefully, you’ll remember our hospitality for a long time to come.

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