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Gastric Balloon Procedure

Obesity is a serious health problem and is slowly becoming more prevalent in the United States. You’ll be shocked to know that close to 42 percent of adults in America are obese, and this percentage is expected to cross the 50 percent mark in just a few years, as per reports of credible government health departments. 

Through dealing with our patients at CER Hospital, we know and understand that living with obesity, especially severe obesity, is a tough challenge. Obesity affects every aspect of a person’s life and makes it almost impossible to live their lives to the fullest. Furthermore, it can even cause the sufferer to develop serious medical complications and emotional and mental health issues. 

While strict diet control and exercise are the usually recommended methods for weight loss, these measures may not work in many cases for various reasons. So, if you’re in such a situation, don’t worry because help is available. 

We at CER Hospital are committed to helping people suffering from obesity with the most innovative and safe treatment methods and procedures to enable their weight loss transformation. One such treatment, recommended and performed by Dr. Jorge Green, is the gastric balloon procedure.

The gastric balloon bariatric procedure is a highly effective, non-invasive treatment method for people with severe obesity. It has very minimal risks of complications, especially if performed by a skilled bariatric surgeon such as Dr. Jorge Green, who has performed hundreds of gastric balloon procedures in his career. Let’s learn more about the gastric balloon procedure, how it is performed, and how it can help you lose your excess weight in months.

What Is the Gastric Balloon Procedure?

The gastric balloon procedure, also known as the intragastric balloon, is a non-surgical bariatric procedure designed to help people dealing with severe obesity. The procedure is FDA-approved and works by artificially filling the stomach with an implant to fill it more quickly. 

The procedure is performed by putting an inflatable balloon (the implant) made of silicon inside the patient’s stomach. The balloon is then filled with air or, as in most cases, saline water so that it inflates and takes up stomach space. The procedure is performed with the help of endoscopy; a camera is attached to one end of the tube and inserted through the mouth, which guides the implant and positions it at the right place inside the stomach. The implant is usually removed after 6 to 12 months or when the set weight loss target is achieved. 

Now, how does the gastric balloon procedure help the patient lose weight? Once the balloon inflates inside the stomach, it takes up a good portion of its inner space meant to store food. This causes the stomach to fill up quickly when the patient eats. This creates a natural calorie deficit in the body, resulting in it using the stored-up fats more often and quickly, ultimately leading to weight loss.

Benefits of Gastric Balloon Procedure

The most unique thing about the gastric balloon process is that it is a non-invasive, non-surgical technique, unlike most bariatric treatment procedures. No cuts, openings, or surgical instruments are involved in the gastric balloon procedure. This bariatric treatment is exceptionally safe and has the least risks of complications, making it ideal for people who are overwhelmed by weight loss surgeries. 

In addition, as the balloon will cause the stomach to get filled up quicker, it will decrease the release of hunger hormones, so the patient won’t feel as hungry as they used to. This will also cut down cravings and sudden eating urges. Another huge benefit of the gastric balloon procedure is that it is affordable and much cheaper than other bariatric procedures.

How Much Does the Gastric Balloon Procedure Cost?

As discussed earlier, the gastric balloon procedure is relatively cheaper than other weight loss treatments. The total cost of the procedure can depend on various factors, such as location, the medical facility or hospital where it is performed, and the type of procedure selected. A gastric balloon bariatric procedure can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $9,000. It is comparatively more expensive in the United States than in Mexico, where the facilities and quality of the procedure are the same. You can get a gastric balloon procedure done in Mexico for just $3,699!

How it Works

The unfilled Orbera balloon enters your stomach through an endoscopic procedure by Dr. Jorge Green. Once settled in, it takes up significant space in your stomach courtesy of saline solution fill-up. This inflated guest plays double duty - its presence alone cuts down food room availability and provokes an early 'I'm full' signal, which essentially stops calorie intake. After approximately six months, another endoscopic procedure removes the balloon.


The Orbera balloon may cost anywhere from $3,000 to $9,000, hitting somewhere in the middle around $6,000. This estimate covers preoperative evaluations, surgical fees, related aesthetic services, and check-ins after the procedure.

Orbera Gastric Balloon Procedure

The simplest type of gastric balloon procedure is the Orbera gastric balloon, which simply places a flexible silicon balloon inside the stomach with the help of endoscopy. The FDA approved the medical procedure in August 2015, costing $3,000 to $9,000. 

The Orbera balloon is made up of medically-safe silicon, which stays unaffected by the stomach’s digestive juices. The uninflated balloon is carefully positioned in the stomach and filled with around 400 to 750 ml of saline water mixed with methylene blue. This balloon stays in the stomach for 6 months or until the desired weight loss target is achieved.

Obalon Gastric Balloon Procedure

An innovative gastric balloon procedure that even cuts the need for endoscopy is the Obalon balloon process. The FDA approved the Obalon gastric balloon procedure in September 2016, costing between $6,000 and $9,000. 

The Obalon balloon is ingested as a small pill attached to a thin catheter (to inflate the balloon). Once the Obalon balloon pill is ingested, it is inflated with around 250 ml of air. Multiple Obalon balloons can be ingested at a time or over time, as needed or suggested medically. Once the weight loss target is achieved, the balloons are removed endoscopically.

How it Works

Getting an Obalon into your system is as easy as popping a pill. The balloon comes in a capsule, and once it hits your stomach, there's this thin tube attached to the capsule that inflates the balloon using gas. Over several weeks, you can introduce more balloons into your stomach, which takes up more space. The whole idea? To cut down on how much food you can physically fit in without any surgery. Top this off with a healthy eating plan and some good old exercise under supervision, and you're on the way to some serious weight shedding.


Picking the Obalon system in the U.S. runs you around $6,000 to $9,000 - splitting it down the middle costs about $7,500. This is just a rough estimate - real-life prices are based on things like the healthcare provider's experience, the geographical setting, and so on.

Spatz Gastric Balloon Procedure

Another highly effective bariatric weight loss procedure is the Spatz Adjustable Gastric Balloon procedure. Although it still hasn’t received due recognition in the American Medical Market, the process has been acclaimed to be exceedingly successful internationally. Depending on location, hospital, and facilities, the Spatz Gastric Balloon procedure costs around $4,000 to $7,000. 

The most notable thing about the Spatz Balloon is that its volume can be adjusted per the patient’s need and comfort. It is initially filled with around 400 to 800 ml of saline water, which can be released from time to time to adjust the volume of the balloon. The Spatz Balloon can stay in the stomach for a whole year and is the most effective Gastric Balloon procedure.

How it Works

Spatz stands out from the crowd thanks to its feature of adjustability. Suppose a patient's progress or comfort calls for an adjustment post-initial placement. In that case, one can tweak the volume of saline in the balloon - making it more or less as required. This ensures the treatment stays customized to each patient's needs and tolerances throughout its time inside. On top of this, Spatz takes residency in the stomach for a long while - up to a whole year! This lengthy stay could mean more noticeable and persistent weight loss.


Spatz treatment outside the U.S. may cost between $4,000 and $7,000. But remember - this price range is just illustrative, not definitive. Many factors can tip this scale upwards or downwards, like the baseline health condition of patients, any unforeseen complications, and other procedural quirks. These all have an impact on the final cost you pay. It's always best to check directly with healthcare facilities or professionals so that they can give you a legitimate estimate.

ReShape Duo Gastric Balloon Procedure

As the name suggests, the Reshape Duo Gastric Balloon procedure involves using two gastric balloons. A silicon shift connects these balloons and covers more space than single balloons. The balloons are positioned endoscopically inside the stomach and filled with 900 ml saline water and a blue dye. The ReShape Duo Balloon procedure was approved by the United States Food and Drug Authority (FDA) in July 2016 and costs around $7,000.

How it Works

The genius of the ReShape Duo is in its design. Made up of two linked balloons joined by a flexible silicone rod, it fills the stomach quite nicely. Each balloon is filled and sealed independently, ensuring it completely takes over the stomach's space. Its double impact doesn't just boost the feeling of being full; it ensures a more stable and comfy fit inside your stomach. With this setup, patients naturally opt for smaller food servings, resulting in slow but sure weight reduction.


If you're considering fitting yourself with a ReShape Duo within U.S. borders, you're looking at approximately $7,000 financially. However, remember this isn't carved in stone: actual costs might change depending on your medical center's pricing policies, regional cost standards, or any unexpected health issues requiring extra attention.

Gastric Balloon Procedure by Dr. Jorge Green

The gastric balloon procedure is an exceptionally successful, non-surgical, safe, and reversible weight loss treatment that is best for people who are unfit for or uncomfortable with surgical bariatric procedures. Dr. Jorge Green is highly skilled in performing Gastric Balloon procedures and has performed hundreds in his outstanding career with zero complications. Contact Dr. Jorge Green’s team right now for a consultation and effectively begin your weight loss transformation journey.

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